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This weekend celebrated the end of official F-4 operations and the stand down of the Whittmund fleet of German F-4 'Phantom' aircraft.
The open weekend consisted of a free spotters day on the Friday with a limited free airshow on the Saturday.
Flying were 4 phantoms, and an A-4 Skyhawk, as well as a Helicopter and 3 heritage aircraft.
German Tornado 44+70Belgian F-16 FA-110 with cool tail artGerman Typhoon 30+29German Typhoon 30+29 with cool tail art!Spanish F-18German Tornado 45+57Douglas A-4 Skyhawk in Isreali coloursDouglas A-4 Skyhawk in BAE coloursDouglas A-4 Skyhawk in BAE coloursYak 52 from a German display team.F-4 Phantom 37+01 taxiing down the runway prior to display!QRS scrambleA rare sight of 4 German F-4 phantoms in forationGerman Typhoon 31+00

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